Your journey to us

Sprollenhaus von oben

Eyecatcher! Your reach us by train (Bad Wildbad station),

Eyecatcher! by plane (Stuttgart air-port), then via Pforzheim to Bad Wildbad

Eyecatcher! and, of course, by car:

Where do you start?  

Anfahrt Eyecatcher! If yo come from Pforzheim:

Motorway exit Pforzheim-West via Neuenbürg, Höfen, Calmbach, to Bad Wildbad. There through the Meistern-tunnel, direction Freudenstadt, 6 kilometres to Christophshof; turn right an go 1,6 kilometres straight on to Sprollenhaus.

Eyecatcher! If you come from Rastatt:

Motorway exit Rastatt via Gernsbach to Obertsrot. Turn left there and go via Reichental and Kaltenbronn to Sprollenhaus.

Your demand or reservation can be sent by e-mail to us here. An alternative can be to send this form directly to us; you can print it or fax it (0049 7085 / 7319).

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